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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Astrology

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Have you ever had a long-time friendship turn into love? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Well, welcome ASAP Rocky and Rihanna to the lovers and friends club, people.

Instinctually, I like this match. I've looked at ASAP Rocky's chart and well, I hate to say it, but he seems like a total sweetheart of a man ( Sun/Mercury in Libra and Moon in Cancer) with a vast reservoir of artistic talent (Venus in Leo) and a go-getter attitude (Mars in Aries).

Rihanna has proven herself over and over again as a force to be reckoned with. She is a woman who loves hard and plays hard (her Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Ascendant are in my-way-or-the-highway Aries--this lady does not take anybody’s s*** and knows her own mind). What is not so obvious is that she can easily lose herself in love (Moon and Venus square Neptune) and underneath it all has a soft, yielding heart that takes the bumps and bruises of life and romance very, very hard (Moon conjunct Venus).

Editorial note: Rihanna is a busy-bee promoting her skincare line and made a video for VOGUE featuring ASAP. Take a peek if you're curious!

So, what is in store for these two beyond exchanging skin care tips? Will this be a romance for the ages?

Rather than relying on synastry or composite charts as we usually have, let’s take it back to the basics, astrologically-speaking.

If we know someone's birth time, we can look at the 5th and 7th houses for some guidance on how they approach their love life and what their "ideal" partner should come equipped with if they are to truly be the mate of their dreams. We will do this for Rihanna since we have her birth time. Take a peek at her natal chart here

If we don't know someone's birth time and it is a male, we can analyze Moon, Venus, and Neptune to see who he is willing to wife (Moon) and what excites him romantically (Venus). We will do this for ASAP since we don't have his birth time. Take a peek at his natal chart here

Rihanna has had no shortage of suitors, obviously. From Chris Brown (bleh) to baseball player Matt Kemp to Drake to Travis Scott (Yes, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy) and, most recently, Saudi Arabian billionaire Hassan Jameel. She was with Hassan for 3 years and they parted ways in March 2020.

Looking at the houses in someone's natal chart for romantic indicators is a first for the blog, so let’s take it slow. The 5th house of the natal chart rules lots of things (animal companions, children, fertility, sources of joy, etc), but when we look at love specifically this house does a pretty bang up job of describing the type of energy and vibes we seek and express in the realm of dating, sex, and casual romance.

So, how does Bad Girl RiRi like to be romanced?

You guessed it, like a queen!

Sure enough, Rihanna has Leo (ruled by the Sun) on the cusp of her 5th house. This gives us a sense that dating to her is all about the GRAND ROMANCE. This lady is looking to be courted in the traditional style with lots of pomp and circumstance in the beginning. It is a requirement that her dating life be fun-filled and that her suitors make her feel like the star of the show. It's totally fine if they borderline worship her, but they need to be cool and genuine about it, always, or they risk losing her respect.

With Leo influencing her dating life, Rihanna can be as exceptionally loyal as she is possessive. She does not like to date guys who "might" be into her and who are also casually dating other women or who are flaky or shallow. She may SEEM happy go lucky and flirtatiously casual in her approach, but, no.

This is the lady who posted this on her instagram, after all. If that doesn’t say I need to be your number one or else (so very Leo in 5th house), I don’t know what does.

There are no other planets in her 5th house of romance and casual flings, but we can go a level deeper using her 5th house in Leo placement. The sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, so if we look for where the Sun is placed in the natal chart, we can get more clues regarding her approach to dating.

Rihanna’s Pisces Sun is sitting happily in her 11th house, which rules all things friendship! I would put money on the fact that her romance with ASAP Rocky was not the first love that blossomed out of a strong friendship. And if it is, mazel tov to these two because that’s what this girl needs romantically speaking.

When it comes to finding romance and the early stages of dating, Rihanna moves between the poles of Leo (Leo in 5th house) and Aquarius (Sun in 11th house), opposite signs with totally different approaches to love. She may find herself wanting a friends-with benefits situation that is free wheeling and places no restrictions on her independence (Sun in 11th house) but, at the end of the day, finds herself continually drawn to the high-octane BIG SPARKLY romances that are studded with devotion, loyalty, and over the top adoration (Leo in 5th house).

What about when it comes to long-term love? What is Rihanna looking for in her better half? While the 5th house tends to describe our approach to short-term romance, the 7th house rules marriage and committed long-term partnerships.

Rihanna may see herself as a bad girl, but she needs a guy who balances that out by bringing out her fairy princess vibes.

Libra is on the cusp of her 7th house, so Rihanna, whether she admits it to herself or not, is really looking for a guy to play Romeo to her Juliet.

Rihanna’s “perfect” partner needs to embody Venusian values: charm, grace, good looks, and diplomacy. At the end of the day, he should be ever-so-good at using logic and wit to find a compromise when her hardcore Aries-influences get a little too me-me-me.

Ruled by Libra, Rihanna’s ideal guy should unabashedly put their romance first, which will probably feel like a breath of fresh air to our Aries rising girl Rihanna! Compromise is not her strong suit and with so much Aries working in her chart she would be hard-pressed to admit she “needed” anyone. However, secretly, Rihanna feels balanced out by a partner who has a knack for making their relationship feel like one long storybook romance that she can’t put down.

Again, we are going to go deeper by looking at where Venus (the ruler of Libra, which occupies her 7th house) falls in her chart. Turns out, Rihanna’s sparkly Libra love dreams are something she keeps very, very close to her heart or that she has not consciously embraced as being part of the romance she needs! Why, you ask? Well, Rihanna’s natal Venus is tucked away in the watery depths of the 12th house, which represents our unconscious mind..the secrets we hide even from ourselves!

Having her Venus in the House of Secrets (12th house) means that it can be exceptionally hard for Rihanna to get clear on the basics of what makes her happy in a relationship because her love planet is constantly fogged up by the warm Piscean waters of the Neptunian 12th house.

Making things doubly foggy is the fact that her natal Venus squares Neptune, which distorts Rihanna’s ability to view her romances realistically. This aspect tells me that Rihanna has a hard time seeing her romantic partners for who they really are...until it’s too late. This little lady has a tendency to fall in love with love and is very, very good at self- deception. Seeing things as they are is a muscle she has to build because it does not come naturally to her, especially when it comes to romance.

Let’s go back to Rihanna’s 7th house. We know that Libra is there, but she also has Pluto lurking in the dark corners of the attic of the 7th as well. Ew!

If Venus-ruled Libra is the orchid that grows more beautiful and vibrant in the rosy humidity of the 7th house of love and partnerhship, then Pluto is at best an awkward fit!

Pluto does not bloom beautifully in the 7th house the way that Venus does. Quite the opposite, in fact. Pluto is built for war, destruction and rebirth. Pluto is the planet most likely to bring those life experiences to us that are both soul-crushing and life giving in their ability to wipe the slate clean so we can start over and put our best foot forward this time.

So, is Pluto trolling Rihanna’s search for a Libra type of love? Kinda!

As much as she is unconsciously searching for an ideal, peace-filled romance, either Rihanna or her partners of choice can be bringing a lot of controlling and obsessive Pluto energy to the table.

Some astrologers say that as much as the 7th house represents the "ideal" partner, the one that has the capacity to bring balance to whatever our Rising sign needs in this lifetime, the 7th house can also reveal our “shadow” side--the part of ourselves that we never truly embrace.

As a result, many astrologers posit that we subconsciously project the qualities of the sign and planets that occupy our 7th house onto our romantic partners so that we can experience those qualities at a safe distance rather than claiming them as our own. Complicated, right?

So! Back to the question of whether Libran men with Plutonic tendencies are trolling Rihanna or whether Rihanna is trolling Rihanna..It could go both ways!

We know that Rihanna’s Libra in the 7th house means that she is subconsciously attracting long-term partners that are inherently fair-minded, easily able to diffuse any tension with the snap of their well-manicured fingers, and will naturally approach their romance with her full-on and hold nothing back.

If she follows her heart, Rihanna will attract men who want to MELD with her and create a true partnership. And a part of Rihanna wants this too, but she will be hard-pressed to admit this, since this is her “shadow” self.

So, how does Pluto in the 7th house fit into this picture? It could be that her Libra-influenced loves can want a romance so goddamn perfect that they end up approaching the relationship with the type of Plutonian intensity that stinks of possessiveness, obsession, and psychological subterfuge. Could it be that Rihanna wants to see her long-term romantic prospects as knights in shining armor (Venus square Neptune and Libra in 7th house), but is continually *shocked* to discover that they have a dark side (Pluto in 7th house)?

Again, due to the mirroring effect of the 7th house, this could be as likely a description of Rihanna’s long-term partners as it could be a description of Rihanna herself.

So, wow. How well is ASAP Rocky equipped to handle Rihanna’s complicated relationship needs? And what sort of lady is he drawn to? Since we don’t have his birth time, we can take a look at the state of his Moon (in Cancer), Venus (in Leo), and Neptune (in Capricorn)--all three planets in a male’s birth chart give us clues as to his ideal woman.

Let’s start, as we always do, with the Moon. Here’s a random factoid for you: Some astrologers that believe in reincarnation say that a person’s Moon sign in this lifetime was their Sun sign in a past life.

If that’s true then ASAP Rocky’s past life was spent as a sweet, nostalgia-obsessed Cancer--he truly knows the ins and outs of what it means to be a crab whose moods and emotions ebb and flow with the phases of the moon.

But, back to the ladies. If a guy’s Moon is in Cancer, what type of woman is he going to want to become a happy hermit and eat yummies with forever and ever?

If ASAP Rocky had to describe a woman with attributes that scream WIFE to him (this is his Moon we are talking about, after all), he would probably describe her as a nurturer, someone whose favorite activities probably have to do with hanging out around her home base---cuddling by a warm fire, cooking yummy meals, and reminiscing about her favorite childhood memories. She might also have a loony sense of humor, go on random crying jags, and need some time alone under the silvery moonlight to ponder her super-secret day dreams. This moon-ruled woman might be a pied-piper to all kinds of animals and children of all ages. Turns out, ASAP Rocky might just need someone with major girl-next-door vibes. Don't forget to stock up on the tissue boxes and weighted blankets, ASAP.

Any aspects to a guy’s Moon gives us even more information about the type of lady he’d like to settle down with, so let’s see what planets ASAP has got aspecting his Moon.

With Moon square Mercury, the women ASAP Rocky feels like partnering with may have a hard time reconciling whether to follow their heart (Moon) or their head (Mercury). This woman may be wildly creative with a quirky, kooky sense of humor, but continually twists herself in knots because her instincts and logic are telling her to follow two seemingly different paths ALL THE TIME. Does this make her moody and irrational more often than not? Yes! Is ASAP ok with this? More than ok. This is his romantic bread and butter. He knows and understands this type of woman inside and out. He speaks her emotional language.

The Moon describes the type of woman a man is ready and willing to settle down for with very few questions asked. I read something a while ago that said, astrologically, men are looking to return “home” in their long-term love relationships and that is why we look at the Moon for indications about the wife.

Lovers? Dates? That is Venus’ territory. ASAP Rocky’s Venus is in showstopper Leo, which means he needs to feel like he’s got the hottest, brightest, best woman in the room on his arm. He wants her to be stunning inside and out or he will not give her the time of day. If she’s over the top dramatic and a touch possessive, that’s fine with him. As long as she is loyal and does not hesitate to express how incredible she thinks he is and how lucky she feels to be with him. If she’s involved in the performing arts as an entertainer, even better. He is highly attracted to women who ooze creativity and talent.

Models and performers are Venus in Leo's favorite kind of date, and I'm not surprised he has dated the likes of Kendall Jenner, a famous model and powerhouse in her own right. Like Rihanna, Kendall is an Aries Rising with Moon in Aries! ASAP might have an astrological type :)

So! How well do Rihanna and ASAP fulfill what the other is looking for romantically?

Rihanna’s raging beauty and rock goddess persona definitely make ASAP Rocky’s Venus in Leo sit up and take notice!

She is a star in so many ways, and I am not surprised that ASAP has been willing to play the long game in getting her to date him. With his Sun and Mercury in Libra, ASAP Rocky probably felt too close to Rihanna's Libra in 7th house ideal Prince Charming for her to pass up.

Remember, she is drawn to partnering (not just dating) men who give off major Libra vibes and are ready and willing to do all the sweet, considerate things that Rihanna really needs (Libra in 7th house). That’s ASAP, for sure.

Since Cancer is on the cusp of Rihanna’s 4th house, we know that home, family and close friends are extremely important to her, so although she may not have any planets in Cancer, home is where her heart is nestled. Also, she’s got Moon conjunct Venus in Aries, which gives her major sweetheart vibes. These people love to please their partners and have a strong desire for companionship, so, again, although she may not have strong Cancerian traits, Moon conjunct Venus makes her extremely sensitive and empathetic. People with this aspect often love pets, so that quality will feel warm and fuzzy to ASAP's Moon in Cancer too!

As for Rihanna's partners having Plutonic tendencies, ASAP does have Mars in Aries square Saturn, which can sometimes give a tendency to fly off the handle due to internalized frustration. This can also predispose someone to having control issues that stem from feeling like they have to "prove" their manhood when they feel it is being threatened (which can happen a lot with Mars square Saturn). This time around Rihanna needs to make sure she is with someone who DOES NOT bring the drama in the form of power struggles and needless temper tantrums. Like we said, planets in the 7th house can mirror our own relationship baggage, so Rihanna needs to also tamp down her own tendency to play mind games that test ASAP’s loyalty and commitment (Pluto in the 7th house).

If they choose to make it work over the long-haul, here is what I would tell Rihanna: Do your self-work, mama. Try seeing ASAP clearly for who and what he is before you launch into another relationship. Secondly, I want to challenge you to explore ways of being vulnerable in love that make you feel comfortable and safe, but that also give your partner a hint of what your heart needs romantically beyond the fluff. Lastly, and this is a hard one, recognize when and why you subconsciously sabotage your own happiness both in life and in love.

Super easy, right? Good luck to these two! I hope their friendship remains strong as they try each other on as partners in love xoxo

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