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Prince Harry and Prince William Astrology

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

In the late 90s and early aughts, every girl with half a brain cell

daydreamed about Prince William. Although his baby bro Prince Harry needed a few years to grow into his looks, he too joined our collection of fantasy boyfriends around the time he started dating Meghan Markle (maybe it was the goatee/beard??). With strong Venus placements (William’s is in Taurus and Harry’s is in Libra) and their royal titles, these two were always going to be fodder for our fantasies. 

It’s 2020, and boy how things have changed. There are wives and babies on the scene. There have been summits and royal bust-ups of epic proportions. Harry lives an hour away from me in Santa Barbara???

What gives? Like you, I have SO MANY QUESTIONS about what went down between Harry and Wills in the last few years. As a die-hard fan of royal biographies, I can’t wait to get my hands on “Battle of Brothers” by royal biographer Robert Lacey (pre-order here: ). This book dives deeply into the complex relationship between the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.

Before you rip through the book on October 20th, I thought we could take a look at their Synastry and Composite charts to trace the astrological threads that led to this brotherly breakdown. 

Do I even have to say it? Tea is a must for this one. Prince Harry and Prince William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth probably needed a cup of her fave Twinings Earl Grey (splash of milk/no sugar) to steady herself when she met the boys in Sandringham’s Long Library for the Megxit summit in January, so let’s all do the same, shall we? 

First off, no matter what their current dynamic might be, deep down these guys have nothing but love for each other. Their composite chart shows a Sun/Venus conjunction in Leo (the sign of royalty) in the partnership oriented 7th house. Back in the day, Harry and William probably enjoyed their favorite pastimes together (pub crawls and polo, anyone?) and got on like a house on fire. Their synastry shows Harry’s Moon conjunct William’s Venus in Taurus, which tells me that there was a natural affection between them. Hanging out watching football (Wills goes for Aston Villa and Harry, along with rest of the royal family, is an Arsenal fanatic) probably made them warm and fuzzy!

With their Sun/Venus conjunction and Mercury all sitting happily in the 7th house (ruled by relationship-loving Libra), Harry and William have always seen each other as equal-value partners. Having Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 7th house imbues Harry and William's relationship with an innate drive to find balance and harmony in their interactions. Although their royal titles have had them on different tracks since they were wee lads, they naturally identify as brothers with equally important roles to play (Sun in 7th house).

Despite their desire to maintain equity at all costs, I wonder whether William’s position as king-to-be was the monkey wrench in their relationship. If uncomfortable feelings ever cropped up between William and Harry, say, as a result of their unequal positions in the royal family and the differing treatment they each received from the palace, these two would not be inclined to go deep and talk it out. Why?

As harmony-enhancing as the stellium in the 7th house can be, it does not give Harry and William the capacity to address any difficult feelings with one another. In fact, having 3 personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) in the house of Libra (who likes to keep the peace at all costs) does not make confrontation their strong suit, guys. I’ve read in a few interviews that the men did not talk about the loss of their mother or any of the scars her death left on their hearts until recently when they put together the documentary, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy", which is a must-see.

What’s interesting to me is that they have composite Mercury (planet of communication) in the 7th house, which means that Harry and William both want to give each other the space they need to talk things out fairly. However, that is challenged by Harry’s natal Mercury in Virgo square William’s natal Mercury in Gemini in their synastry. While Harry is a practical thinker, William is more philosophical. During the Sandringham Summit, Harry’s Virgo Mercury probably wanted results only, please and thank you. “But, what are practical steps we can take TODAY to fix this?!” was probably Harry's refrain when discussing the details of Megxit.  William probably took the classic Gemini POV, which is to try to see the issue from every possible angle first before coming up with a solution that would work for every member of the Royal Family, not just Harry.

Harry’s patience with William’s “what-if” pattern of thinking has never been long, everyone, and we can see this in their synastry. William’s Mercury in Gemini is opposite Harry’s Mars in Sag, which shows us that Harry has a tendency to fly off the handle when William addresses any topic that challenges Harry's ability to forge his own path. Shocking? Not so much.

Harry’s meltdowns with William are legendary at this point. As the Mars in this opposition, Harry does not do well when he feels William is contradicting him, especially if Harry senses that William has a better argument or is talking down to him as the “smarter” brother. As Mercury, William cannot for the life of him understand why Harry can't hear him out without getting defensive or competitive. Harry (Mars) may be hell-bent on imposing his opinions on William (Mercury), and that can be highly irritating for the Duke of Cambridge.  Their dialogue may not always be cordial, but there is a desire for fairness when it comes to communication (composite Mercury in 7th house). I think William (as the level-headed Mercury) will have to step up and try to understand what is fueling Harry's hot-headedness in order to mend fences.

Do these two have the emotional understanding it takes to handle difficult feelings? Um, no. On an emotional level, we see a big ol’ Moon opposite Uranus as the main moon aspect in their composite chart. Yes, there is love and affection a-plenty between Harry and William, but these two are oh-so emotionally inhibited with each other. The rub is that both of them are yearning to connect with each other. Both Harry and William feel like they need each other emotionally, but wind up feeling lonely in their bond as brothers. Why, though? 

Although they have a beautiful sense of camaraderie and shared affection (composite Sun conjunct Venus, composite stellium in 7th house, Moon conjunct Venus in synastry), when these boys look to each other for sympathy and empathy, they find coolness-- not for lack of love, but from a lack of emotional understanding. This aspect also emphasizes that when Harry and William feel emotionally misunderstood, they probably don’t talk about it, but rather lay emotional guilt trips on each other or just plain put the blame on themselves. 

In his heart of hearts, William probably feels a bit guilty for Harry feeling so emotionally alienated and, although he is reportedly happier, reports have hinted that Harry feels guilty about leaving his family in the lurch, at least duty-wise. Whatever their differences, Harry and William feel a strong sense of responsibility for each other, but they need the emotional skills to understand how the other one works in order to set things right again. 

Venus square Saturn and Pluto in their composite chart are two sad little rain clouds hanging over their pure love Sun/Venus conjunction and stellium in the partnership savvy 7th house. We’ve already posited that these brothers have a hard time seeing eye to eye without drawing blood (Mercury square Mercury, Mercury opposite Mars) and that they feel emotionally squelched by their relationship (Moon opposite Uranus). 

To add insult to injury, Venus square Saturn makes them both feel super awkward when it comes to expressing their feelings to each other. Although this aspect is positive in that it gives Harry and William a serious sense of commitment to their brotherly bond, they both can find their duty-bound relationship constricting. We obviously see that as a motivating factor for Harry’s decision to move to the United States and there have been reports that William felt a weight had lifted once Harry was gone. 

Venus square Pluto shows that when it was bad between Harry and Wills, it was BAD, like, I’m-never-going-to-forgive-you-for-this bad. The dynamics of their relationship were designed to make these brothers face the darkest parts of themselves and deal with their collective emotional baggage--whether that is the loss of Diana, the power dynamics of the royal family, their wives, I don’t know....

The Venus/Pluto square aspect makes me think that each brother may have been very demanding of the other in terms of what they needed---and they both fell short. William probably feels extremely put upon by Harry to give him what he wants and vice-versa. 

The disappointment and rage they feel when this happens is epic and hard to let go of. 

Can they move past the anger? I think so.

With his eloquent Mercury in Virgo, Harry put it very nicely, “Part of this role and part of this job, this family, being under the pressure that it’s under, inevitably stuff happens,” “But look, we’re brothers, we’ll always be brothers. We’re certainly on different paths at the moment but I’ll always be there for him and as I know he’ll always be there for me.”

For better or worse, their synastry and composite charts show that whatever their difficult feelings, Harry and William are bound by blood, duty, and love.

Their charts tell me that these brothers need help relating to each other on an emotional level to reconnect. Get thee to a counselor, Wills and Harry!

If they can find a way to move beyond their anger, empathize with each other, and lay out their needs without inhibition, the positive energy in their chart can shine.

And shine it will! When these two are operating on all cylinders, they are a powerhouse team. We see that with their composite Mars conjunct Midheaven in Scorpio. When Harry and Wililam have a common goal to sink their teeth into, they buckle down and work hard to make it happen. The prerequisite for this killer partnership to work is that they both need to focus on rebuilding a sense of ease with each other first. 

The Mars/Midheaven conjunction is a classic sign that indicates that Harry and William can accomplish so much more when they are working together as a team than they can if they are apart. Right now, as they work solo, I bet they both feel like they are trying to make things happen with one hand tied behind their back because the other one is not at their side. 

Despite their emotional froideur and awkward displays of affection, Harry and William can move mountains when they both find a sense of internal calm in their relationship. 

What are your thoughts, everyone? Do you think that Meghan and Kate had anything to do with driving a wedge between the brothers?

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