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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Astrological Synastry

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I hope I am not the only sick creature that is fascinated by astrological postmortems when celebrity couples break up. Jason and Olivia seemed purely vanilla to me before this post, but it turns out...there's a lot more going on than I expected. So, let's get into the astro dynamics that explain why these exes still can't keep their hands off each other...

But, first the astrological facts:

Olivia's chart is here

Jason's chart is here

Jason Sudeikis is a Virgo Sun/Pisces Moon which sort of explains why he gives off that “Hot Dudes Reading” vibe. People with strong Virgo placements can easily fall into the hole of obsessive information gathering and analysis (lots of reading) and Pisces Moons are prone to swimming off into their own soft, dreamy world when they need a rest from the banalities of human existence.

Jason also has his Mars in Gemini, which means he will talk your ear off and can be a bundle of nervous energy if he doesn’t channel all that intellectual curiosity into expressive pursuits. Luckily, his Venus is in Leo makes him a natural showman. Putting all these pieces together, we can see why Jason makes his living as an actor/comedian. He has a gift for uniting artistry with intellect and the spoken word. With bucket loads of charm (Mars in Gemini and Venus in Leo), keen emotional insight (Moon in Pisces) and a love of language (Sun in Virgo and Mars in Gemini), Jason is the kind of guy who can make you die laughing using his perfectly timed, insightful sense of humor.

Don't get me wrong, though, this guy is deep, very deep.

Jason was likely born under a Full Moon because his Sun and Moon are in opposite signs; People with their Sun (ego) and Moon (heart) in opposition have to find a way to balance mood swings that arise due to the psychic push/pull dynamic that is constantly churning away within them.

With his Sun in Virgo, when Jason follows his head it probably tells him to go down a road that will satisfy his Virgoan sense of logic, caution, and never-ending quest for self-improvement.

However, no sooner has he started down that path than Jason's “gut” (his Moon) cries out for him to slow his roll. You see, the choices that satisfy his wants (Sun in Virgo) do not take care of his emotional needs (Moon in Pisces) for peace, solitude and psychic

S P A C E. How can you blend the logical with the intuitive? That is Jason’s challenge this lifetime.

Like many who have their Sun and Moon in opposite signs, Jason struggles to reconcile these opposing forces within himself and finds himself drawn to relationships in order to work through his psychic stumbling blocks.

No doubt Jason’s relationship with Olivia allowed him to confront all of his conflicting goals and feelings, express them in a safe, loving environment, and get some help working through balancing his Virgo/Pisces energy.

Jason’s Venus is in show-stopping Leo and his Mars is in chatterbox Gemini. With Leo Venus, Jason loves nothing better than having a powerhouse woman at his side, someone who really makes everyone sit up and take notice. Like most men and women with Venus in Leo, Jason is not into dating beneath him, let’s put it that way. On the flip side, people with Venus in Leo need to be made to feel like they are their partner’s #1 at all times. They want and need to know that their partners will never forget how lucky they are to be with them. In romance, Jason needs to feel like the person he is with sees and treats him like the king!

His Mars in Gemini is ever so cunning and effortlessly seduces with a simple turn of phrase. Jason is all about using his humor, ideas, and lightning-fast wit to reel the ladies in. On the not-so-great-side, Mars rules how we pursue our goals and Gemini can be a little bit scattered. Although Jason is crazy talented, he can tend toward doing too many things at once, getting bored easily, and becoming unfocused because he moves so damn fast.

So, what is going on with Ms. Wilde? Well, let's just say when she chose the stage name "Wilde", this lady hit the nail on the head in more ways than one..

Olivia has her Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini. Firstly, Pisces women can be so intuitive that it is almost impossible to keep a secret from them. She will know what you’re feeling before you do and will be there to empathize with you through all your ups and downs. Pisces women, of course, are also incredible artists who need to swim freely in life’s rivers, oceans, and streams in order to create the life of their dreams.

With her Moon in Gemini, Olivia is basically a brilliant idea factory. She probably can’t help that her mind is always hoovering up information and flitting from one thought to the next.

Olivia’s Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces highlights her talent for the arts, written/verbal expression and general affinity for mental acrobatics.

When you see a Sun conjunct Mercury aspect in someone’s chart it means the planet ruling communication, learning, intelligence, and thinking are giving the Sun a heavy dose of all that Mercury energy. So, although Olivia’s Sun is in Pisces, it also is giving her major Sun in Gemini vibes. I’m not surprised that Olivia has made the gigantic leap from actress to director of movies like “Booksmart”, “Don’t Worry Darling” and an unnamed Marvel movie project. This lady has the mental and artistic capacity to do this type of hard-core creative work ALL DAY..

On a real note, like all people with strong Gemini and Pisces influences, Olivia may be a true space cadet. I would not be surprised if she was so “in her head” all the time that she had a hard time keeping her thoughts and things organized. With Mercury square Uranus and Neptune, she might be legendary for misplacing her books, journals, laptops, pens, and papers. When it comes to her thought processes and her things, she really is in her own world most of the time! With that being said, these same aspects and astrological influences mean she is brilliant enough to come up with systems on systems to keep her environment under control. She is not a Hollywood powerhouse multiple times over for nothing!

Like her ex Jason Sudeikis, Wilde also sports an uncomfortable Sun/Moon aspect: in her case her Sun in Pisces squares her Moon in Gemini. While Jason was likely born under a Full Moon, Olivia’s Sun/Moon square shows that she was born under a Quarter Moon. What does this mean? Whenever Olivia wants to beam her artistic Pisces light upon the world, her Moon in Gemini can’t help but overthink every single detail and focus on the frustrating facts of every experience she finds herself in. Olivia’s heart and emotional inclinations (Moon) can be stumbling blocks that complicate her path toward external accomplishment (Sun).

This Sun/Moon square makes Olivia one tough cookie because she has to knuckle up harder and more frequently than anyone else in order to make progress in her life. Because Olivia’s head and heart are not always working together, Olivia can fall into irritability, combativeness, and emotionality until she learns not to take her lumps too personally.

Like other people with Sun/Moon square, Olivia’s probably feels like she’s got something to prove to the world. Will anything stop her? Probably not. She’s got Mars in never-say-die Scorpio and Mars conjunct Saturn-an aspect that gives a tireless work ethic. This woman puts the WORK in every day and has fought for everything she has--no question.

Olivia’s Venus in Aquarius means this lady marches to the beat of her own drummer and any guy better step in line if he wants to hang out with her long-term. Love to Olivia and other people with Venus in Aquarius means allowing her to be 100% true to herself and, at the end of the day, embracing life and love as best friends with unconditional love for each other.

She also has Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio, which means this lady can blow hot and cold. One day, Olivia may love nothing more than to feel possessed and obsessed over by her partner (Mars in Scorpio) and the next...well, she can let her innate desire for independence and unconventionality in romantic relationships rip (Venus in Aquarius) and you may not hear from her for a day or two (or three).

With all due respect, Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio, gives people cat-like vibes. You can put a collar on them and give them all the treats and cuddles you want, but there’s going to come a time when they need to roam darkened alleys, rummage through the neighbor’s garbage, and throw off the yolk of domesticity.

Now that we have a picture of these two as individuals, what gives with the break up?

So, let's start with the “spark”. We see her Moon in Gemini conjunct his Mars in Gemini. Moon conjunct Mars is super crazy hot, especially when it is the woman’s Moon conjunct the man’s Mars. Olivia probably felt that her warm, soft, vulnerabilities (the emotions of the Moon) would be protected valiantly by Jason (the warrior instinct of Mars).

Couples with Moon/Mars conjunctions feel magnetized to each other because each player gets their needs met: the Moon gets someone to protect and defend their soft spots (finally) and the Mars gets to use all that heroic energy to be courageous and passionate in the name of love.

When it was good, their physical connection was hot (Mars) and steamy (Moon) and characterized by a carnal attraction. Like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale (who also sported this aspect), but of course Jason and Olivia had babies!

Moon conjunct Mars in synastry makes fertility a strong theme in the relationship. The Moon person (Olivia) is so warm, loving, and nurturing in the eyes of the Mars person (Jason) that having a family can seem like a natural next step in forging the couple's emotional and physical bond.

The down side? Mars is a warrior--his actions are intense, raw, aggressive, and not always gentile. This can leave the Moon person shuddering in the corner if Mars isn’t able to tamp down their natural intensity to preserve and protect the emotional well-being of the Moon. We know that Olivia can give as good as she gets (Sun/Moon square and Venus/Mars square) and has a sharp tongue (Mercury trine Mars), but I wonder if Jason was perceived as being just plain “too much” for Olivia to handle emotionally when he really let his Mars instincts loose...

Jason and Olivia have always been highly affectionate and complementary of each other throughout their time together, even after the separation. Ahem! I think this is fueled by His Moon in Pisces making an out of sign conjunction with her Venus in Aquarius. When people have a Moon/Venus conjunction it makes them super sweet, tender, and caring towards one another. At the end of the day, this aspect gives Jason and Olivia’s post-divorce relationship a basic kindness and genuine feeling of wanting the best for each other.

Underneath all the sex and affection, Jason and Olivia were always opposites! Firstly, Jason’s Sun in Virgo is opposite Olivia’s Sun in Pisces. Opposites attract in astrology because one partner supplies what the other one is lacking and vice-versa. Jason’s hyper-analytical and just-the-facts please Virgo Sun is balanced out by Olivia’s unpredictable, mysterious, and empathic Pisces Sun. In this way, Olivia probably helped Jason embrace the spiritual and trust the process of life to give him what he needed and Jason may have helped keep Olivia’s feet on the ground when she felt herself spinning out. Oppositions in synastry can be amazing when the balance is juuuuust right. When it’s not, it can feel like you and your partner are working at cross-purposes!

Of course, this Sun opposite Sun aspect in their synastry is tempered by Jason’s Moon in Pisces. When your partner has their Moon in the same sign as your Sun (Olivia has Sun in Pisces and Jason has Moon in Pisces), there is a nice blending of emotions and life purpose. The Moon person (Jason) perfectly gets on a heart-level how to support the goals and major moves that the Sun (Olivia) needs to pursue in order to follow here bliss.

We also see a telling opposition when it comes to Jason and Olivia’s sense of love, romance, and partnership: Jason’s Venus in Leo is opposite Olivia’s Venus in Aquarius. As mentioned before, Jason’s Leo Venus means he feels “loved” when his partner showers him with adoration and makes him feel damn special. He wants to be seen as a god in her eyes, flawless and perfect--everything she needs to be happy all wrapped up in one package-HIM! Am I being over the top? No! This is just how Leo Venus rolls :)

Olivia’s Aquarius Venus is really, at the end of the day, all about pursuing freedom of choice and exploring uncharted territory in her romances. Venus in Aquarius feels loved when her partner places very few expectations and limitations on them.

Again, when it was good, Jason’s Leo Venus and Olivia’s Aquarius Venus were able to balance freedom with loyalty. When it was not so good, Jason may have been left feeling abandoned by Olivia’s cool, aloof approach to romance and Olivia may have found herself feeling tied down and put upon by Jason’s need to be hero worshiped.

Before we wrap up, I think I should mention that Jason’s Sun in Virgo squares Olivia’s Moon in Gemini. What’s interesting about this aspect is that both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, so, in essence, Jason and Olivia (if they were paying close enough attention) may have been irritated by the same thing in each other: a relentless tendency to overthink and overanalyze!

Jason’s Sun in Virgo is constantly chipping away at the small details to pave the way toward his ultimate goal of self-improvement. Now, any hard-working Virgo worth their salt knows that perfection will never be lasting because they will always be searching for “better”. However, striving gives Virgos a sense of control and, thus, calm amidst the ups and downs of life.

Now, let's add to that oh-so-delicate balance a square from Olivia’s Moon in Gemini. All her ideas and questions and broad-stroke imaginings can't help but poke holes in the life choices that Jason has pain stakingly built his ego upon..

Here is a good way to sum up their Virgo Sun square Gemini Moon dynamic: Jason may feel like he is trying to build a sandcastle on a windy day whenever Olivia is around. Just when he feels like he’s got things in his life where he wants them, Olivia bursts in with her brilliance and makes him reconsider the whole thing, triggering the anxiety he has worked so hard to quell.

Can we understand how this dynamic would drive both of these gorgeous, fallible humans bonkers after a while? As the Moon in the square, Olivia feels emotionally pent up and perhaps emotionally hampered by Jason’s painstakingly perfectionistic and overly cautious approach to life. Ladies with Moon in Gemini just want to explore and create and build a life of adventure with little routine! They don't want to take the small steps and calculate every little maneuver.

Truth be told, there is a part of Olivia that has always put Jason a bit “on edge” and we see that on two fronts: Her Uranus in Sagittarius opposes Jason’s Mars in Gemini and squares his Moon in Pisces.

Let's start with the not-so-complicated aspect: his Mars in Gemini opposite her Uranus in Sagittarius, Olivia’s Uranus needs to do exactly as it pleases and Jason’s Mars in Gemini needs to find a way to deal with its frustrated instincts to possess and be the boss of Olivia.

Jason’s Moon in Pisces is hard hit by a square aspect coming from Olivia’s Uranus in Sagittarius. Like all water moons, Jason’s Pisces Moon wants peace, quiet, and a domestic life that he can fall into when life gets crazy. Olivia (Uranus) has a need to rebel against anything that smells of what is “expected”, so we see that Jason may never really feel like things are “settled” on the home front because Olivia is always off to the next adventure or shaking things up in a way that makes it hard for him to maintain a sense of emotional equilibrium

On Olivia’s part, Jason has been immensely steadying for her: his Saturn in Leo is trine her Sun in Pisces, Mercury in Pisces, and Mars in Scorpio. He evens her out and is a solid source of support.

In addition, we can see that Olivia receives Jason as a best friend, someone who she knows will always wish her well, cheer her on, and enhance her sense of optimism about the future. This is shown by his Jupiter in Aries sextiling her Moon in Gemini and Venus in Aquarius.

And that's that folks! These two will always be kindred spirits and supportive friends who sometimes can't help but get handsy with one another. You can blame it on the stars :)

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