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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Astrology Part I

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Editor’s Note: I want to preface this astrological analysis of Kim and Kanye’s relationship by giving all respect to them both and the family they have chosen to create together this lifetime. There is so much I am not privy to, so let this be a lesson in astrological musing and not an exercise in denigrating anyone's personal choices or character.

Pisces Moons like Kim and Kanye are emotional escape artists; When reality spells heartbreak, they can easily swim off into the gentle tide pools of their psyche for a very, very long time... until it feels safe to come up for a little fresh air and sunshine...and then back down they go.

Both Kim and Kanye are sporting Moon square Neptune in their natal charts which is the cherry on top of their mutual Pisces Moons; Moon square Neptune in the natal chart can make individuals ultra-empathetic and sensitive.

People with Moon square Neptune natally can FEEL what you feel; They have a hard time telling the difference between YOUR emotional experiences of rage/abandonment/jealousy/love/obsession/desire and their own. Kim and Kanye both having Moon square Neptune in their natal charts means that there may have been points in the relationship when they had to fight back HARD against codependent feelings in order to maintain their own emotional equilibrium.

Those with Pisces Moons & Moon square Neptune natally are the ULTIMATE dreamers, wishers, and make-believers; They will NEVER truly leave the watery comfort of their oceanic subconscious.

The truth is, the emotional well-being of people with Water Moons (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) depends on their ability to cultivate private dreams & fantasies; they are not naturally inclined to plant both emotional feet “on the ground” the way an Earth Moon might; In fact, engaging with reality too frequently (especially if it is less than ideal) can feel like a psychic, emotional, and/or spiritual D E A T H for Pisces Moons, especially ones with their Moon square Neptune.

This is especially true for Kanye: he has Sun opposite Neptune. Although Kanye can be very earthy, practical, and hell-bent on world domination (Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus in 10th house), this man aspires to a life less ordinary and more MAGICAL. Reality is absolutely not good enough for Mr. West; So, what's a dreamer to do when faced with an imperfect world? Why, create a better one of course!!

Honestly, I don’t think any of us would choose to confront reality if we had the super power that people with heavy Neptune in their charts have.

Kanye has so many Neptunian influences in his chart that I've sort of lost count, but here are a few: Sun in 12th house (ruled by Pisces), Sun opposite Neptune (distorted sense of reality, direct connection to astral dimensions, yearning to connect with sacred energy), Moon square Neptune (greatly influenced by women, porous emotional boundaries, longing for ideal existence, great difficulty identifying their feelings), With Neptune in the 5th house, Kanye can't help but cultivate a fantasy world full of inspiration, mysticism, and spiritual truth that can (for a time) help him transcend almost all pain.

However, as things got realer for Kanye (coming to terms with his mental health, juggling his Titanic-sized marriage to Kim, growing a family in the spotlight, etc.) the more he found release/escape/peace in the creative...the mystical...the spiritual. Kanye's ability to craft The Sunday Services is an excellent example of all these astrological forces at work!

So, what has kept Kim and Kanye tethered to each other for so long? Pisces Moons and those with heavy Neptune influences in their chart have a knack for F O R G I V E N E S S. And not the kind that people with Fixed Sign Moons dish out either. People with Moon in Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio may say “I forgive you”, but they will do so while making a mental note to NEVER actually trust you again. Pisces Moon forgiveness knows no limitations and does not operate by any human constructs. They are idealists, remember?

Add millions of dollars to the mix and Pisces Moon lovers can (and will) build themselves some outrageously beautiful castles in the sky that reality just can’t touch.

When Kim and Kanye were expecting North West, they went right ahead and started to build their Bel-Air compound...and then another one in Hidden Hills...and then another one in Montana….Side note: With his Venus and Mars conjunct in Taurus, Kanye is a born and bred artist (and seductor) with highly developed aesthetic tastes; I am not surprised that these homes and their designs were his brain children. With the conjunction in Taurus, Kanye can’t help but compulsively DESIGN, COLLECT and BUILD on repeat.

Alas, dear readers we all know that reality is a bitch and that she can (and will) come for us, no matter our money, status, or Houdini-esque Piscean tendencies.

I always like to look at what each person is bringing to the table because we all come with our own bag of tricks!

So, let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

I think it is safe to say that Kim (natal Sun in Libra conjunct Pluto in Libra) and Kanye (natal Sun in Gemini trine Pluto in Libra) as individuals do not mind being considered a big fucking deal, whether they are together or apart.

Traditionally, in a woman’s chart, the Sun (and all the aspects it makes) represents the style of partner the woman is drawn to.

Kim’s Sun conjunct Pluto tells us that she wouldn’t mind partnering with a guy who is wealthy, powerful, and indestructible in his own right. Kanye checked the wealthy and powerful box for Kim, for sure. Indestructible? Well, not so much: he is human, after all.

Kanye’s proclivity for self-sabotage may have been the first chink (of many) in the armor that Kim found.

Oh, ya, bad news, everyone. Once Kim starts noticing, she can't stop noticing.

You see, with her natal Mercury in Scorpio, Kim’s mind works like a human surveillance camera. This is the lady who dabbled in detective work for "fun", folks.

Add Kim’s Venus in Virgo to the mix, and this lady is (believe it or not) HIGHLY DISCRIMINATING when it comes to her role in relationships and the people she decides to partner with.

Yes, she has made some mistakes, but I put that on her Venus conjunct Jupiter (romantically happy go lucky, generous-minded, optimistic in love, a plethora of romantic opportunities) and Venus square Neptune (LOVE BLIND, restless seeker of romantic perfection, apt to project “perfect” qualities on partner, ignores signs of who her partner really is in order to sustain the dream).

Kim’s Sun in Libra conjunct Pluto in Libra also gives her a deep, deep obsession/need/fixation on living out that storybook romance with her soulmate. She is perpetually haunted by feelings of wanting this one true, perfect love that...I’m sorry to say, may not exist on this earthly plane. I'm not surprised she will eventually allow herself to be romanced by Pete Davidson, someone who has bravely shared his struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Intense bonding, extreme adoration, maximum idealization...these are Kim's favorite things! Anyhoo, more on that dalliance later :)

If we put all of Kim's astrological ingredients in a celestial mixing bowl and bake it into a human woman, what do we end up with?

At her basest level, when Kim starts noticing a trail of imperfections (and, again, she is FOREVER noticing), she can’t help but pick at flaws within herself, her partners, and her relationships. It's just her way!

So, when the loose threads in Kanye’s personality started to unravel, Kim probably found herself digging deeper and deeper into the quagmire to "fix" it. Unfortunately, as we all know, the attention we pay our problems only serves to amplify them, so this was probably an unbearable period for Kim.

Fortunately, Kim's Moon square Neptune and Venus square Neptune aspects give her seemingly infinite sources of hope and inspiration when things get really ugly; When we have a direct line to the spiritual and mystical the way that people with heavy Neptune do, the lights never truly go out on their romantic dreams.

Kim K. has probably gone through cycles and cycles of dreaming up ways to work things out & then swiftly having those plans destroyed in her relationship with Kanye. That is, until one day she woke up and realized Kanye couldn't truly deliver. And if a Libra Sun/Pisces Moon woman with Sun conjunct Pluto needs anything, she needs a knight in shining armor who walks his talk.

So, did Kim's relentless pursuit of romantic perfection undermine Kanye or was it the other way around? Well, there is a reason why the divorce is dragging on, right?. There are SO many astrological cross currents between these two that still need to be explored before we come to any definitive conclusions.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a few notes to ponder:

  1. Kanye has his Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus conjunct Chiron in Taurus all sitting in the 10th house, which represents our contributions to society and is Saturn-ruled. Do you remember the soul-healing that Chiron calls upon us to seek out when it touches our hearts (Venus) and ambitions (Mars)? Might this explain why Kanye is driven to succeed & self-immolate so publicly?

  2. Kim sports a natal Moon in Pisces opposite Venus in Virgo aspect - Will this lady always feel the friction that comes with having to choose between either satisfying her heart (Moon) OR her romantic ideals (Venus) when she is in love? Lastly, can someone with Kim’s steely, I-can-handle-everything-myself Moon opposite Saturn aspect ever learn to ask for the soul-care they need but don’t truly feel worthy of receiving?

We will explore these questions and much more in our next installment.

Until next time, astro loves xo

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