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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's Synastry and Composite Astrology

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

In 2014, Gwen was brought to her knees by her divorce and the sordid unraveling of her relationship with Gavin Rossdale. So, when your whole world is falling apart, what’s a girl to do? In Gwen’s case, write a hit song with Blake Shelton, fall deeper in love than you’ve reportedly ever been and photoshop your new boo’s face over your ex-husband's (yikes!).

No, but seriously: given the wild circumstances of how they met, you could say Blake and Gwen's romance was written in the stars.

“On paper, I never thought a cowboy and a ska girl from Anaheim would be hanging out, but it works perfect. I feel so blessed” - Gwen

What I notice right off the bat is how similar these two are. They may not have all the hot and heavy synastry and composite aspects that spell T R U E  L O V E, but they’ve got so much sweet astro magic going for them. They are two peas in a pod and it is friggin'

A D O R A B L E.

First up, let’s look at what their Sun-Moon-Ascendants are up to. Gwen is Libra Sun/Cancer Moon/Capricorn Rising (accurate birth time) and Blake is Gemini Sun/Pisces Moon/Virgo Rising (noon birth time-unverified).

Although both of them have their Suns in highly compatible Air signs, they are not “trine” by aspect. Nevertheless, a Gemini man and Libra woman that get along cannot help but obsessively exchange ideas with each other. With their Moons in water signs, Blake and Gwen are highly creative and have written a zillion songs about and for each other since they met. They even wrote their first song by email, which is so very Gemini-Libra!

When Geminis and Libras fall in love, they can easily find themselves building castles in the air for each other. Gwen and Blake have creative ideas pouring out of them at all times, and they are probably each other's favorite person to dream with!

Check out their Gemini-Libra chemistry as they perform the very first song they wrote together Go Ahead and Break My Heart. As a Gemini with Sun Conjunct Venus (and Mercury in Gemini), Blake is a charmer extraordinaire (you can also check him out hitting on Gwen in a major way in this clip). I would not be surprised if he sweet-talks Gwen silly!

Gwen’s Moon in Cancer LOVES the intense one-on-one intimacy of Blake’s endless pillowtalk, flirting, and singing. More please! Blake’s Moon in Pisces is a die-hard romantic and Gwen’s Sun in Libra probably lives to make his romantic fantasies come true. Men with their Moon in Pisces love to make soothing nests for their loved ones to take refuge in, and Blake is no exception. I read somewhere that when Gwen was first planning on visiting Ada, Oklahoma, Blake took pictures of everything in her L.A. kitchen and made sure she had the exact same set up at his place! Blake is a true Moon in Pisces gentleman, always willing to go to epic lengths to make sure Gwen knows just how much he loves her.

You think you know what love is. For me, I didn’t know until she came into my life”-Blake

It gets yummier the deeper we go with these two, I promise. Gwen’s Cancer Moon trines Blake’s Pisces Moon. Let's just get one thing straight, so we understand how powerful this trine is for Gwen's Moon. Having a Moon in Cancer (the moon rules Cancer) makes it EXTRA POWERFUL, so it's critically important that Gwen’s Moon is safely tucked in when she is in love and I can tell you it is with Blake.

With their Moons in a trine aspect, Gwen and Blake probably didn’t have any trouble deciding whether they should buy that house in Encino together,I can tell you that much.

These two are effortlessly compatible on an emotional level and probably know how rare it is to be this "in sync" with a partner. Blake’s song, “(You Name the Babies) I’ll Name the Dogs” is a nice indication of the vibes this aspect gives. Gwen and Blake’s favorite place to be is with each home...alone...maybe, maybe with close friends and family nearby (they like their privacy and Christmas, folks). Gwen has mentioned that they do everything together and that Blake is her best friend. Did I mention they have a song called “Happy Anywhere (With You)”? Yup, that’s what you’ll feel when your Moon trines your partner’s Moon. This trine also makes family #1 for both of them and I’m not surprised Blake has gone from single dude to step dad of 3 boys without blinking an eye.

Let’s talk about the fact that they both have their natal Moons in the 7th house, yes? 

Blake and Gwen (like most people with their natal Moon in the 7th house) need partnership the way we need oxygen. Love and relationships aren’t optional for Gwen and Blake, as they learn a lot about themselves emotionally through their romantic relationships--good or bad. Moon in 7th house people love having a partner in crime and, on the day to day level, Blake and Gwen are probably never happier than when they are running around town together, doing the banal things of everyday life with one of them riding shotgun.

What's the problem? What worries me is that there is a possibility that Gwen and Blake relationship-hopped their way into this fantasy love (Moon in 7th House-ers are always convinced that the person they are currently with is THE LOVE OF THEIR LIFE) without processing the fear, hurt, trauma of their respective divorces. Gwen and Blake (as Moon in 7th house people) both have a huge fear of being alone and that fear is never greater than when they are facing the end of another love affair gone wrong. 

As we have talked about before, when we partner with people who have the same natal aspects as us, they can show up in the composite chart too!

Sure enough, Gwen and Blake’s composite chart also shows Moon in the 7th house. When this happens, the relationship is our safe place to fall. Gwen and Blake’s love story and how it is faring can make or break their individual sense of emotional well-being. When it's going well, being together provides Gwen and Blake a sense of emotional comfort that they can’t find anywhere else. Kinda sweet, right?

Gwen’s love planet (Venus in Virgo) is conjunct Blake’s Ascendent (in Virgo). With this aspect, Gwen cannot help but fawn over how awesome Blake is. Even though they may seem like opposites, Gwen (Venus) adores Blake (Ascendant) for his kind-heartedness, rugged “outdoorsy” good looks, and his goofy, off-kilter personality. As the Ascendant, Blake adores being adored by Gwen and is in awe of her style, beauty, and charm. If Blake could put together his ideal woman looks-wise, it would be Gwen! This aspect also means that they love to do things to make each other happy to the point where Gwen (Venus) can burn herself out because she wants to cater to Blake’s (Ascendant) every need. The romantic expectations that Gwen and Blake have of each other can grow to be astronomical! For that reason, they need to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground!

By the looks of the home movies in Happy Anywhere (With You) they don't need the fancy things to be happy!

So, were these two destined to meet and fall in love, like Gwen claims? Maybe! Blake’s Moon in Pisces is conjunct Gwen’s North Node in Pisces, which gives them the type of emotional attachment that penetrates Blake’s heart and makes a major mark on Gwen’s life path. When Gwen talks about Blake saving her, she is not kidding. With Moon conjunct North Node in synastry, this relationship was in God's plan: Blake (Moon) offers the kind of nurturing and support that Gwen (North Node) needs in this lifetime. As the Moon, Blake really wants to protect Gwen from life's bumps and bruises. In Blake, Gwen finally found a guy who can’t help but go the extra mile to make sure her life is exactly as she wants it! His sweet, I'll-do-anything-to-make-you-happy Moon in Pisces doesn't hurt either!

There’s just one thing. If you look at the composite chart (the chart of a couple's overall long-term relationship with the synastry factored in), the Sun and Moon are square. When Gwen and Blake are really in deep with each other relationship-wise, they may find they have some major differences that can be as fascinating as they are frustrating. I think this echoes what we have all seen from the very beginning: they are SO different! Gwen is an LA girl and Blake is a country boy, but something tells me that they may have already been able to embrace their very different approaches to life because of their emotional connection. 

As a Libra Sun/Cancer Moon, Gwen does an awesome job of summing up what their relationship means to her...

"This is what I thought love was supposed to be. It is the most pure. It is the story book of life--the giving, the receiving. It feels even. We go through everything together - Gwen

So, what's our take away, astro loves? Gwen's roller coaster of a relationship with her ex Gavin was true I'd-die-without-you love, that's for sure. But, it seems like a simple life with a sweet man that protects her heart may be a better match for our girl Gwen, don't you think?

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