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Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Synastry and Composite Astrology

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

It’s getting ever so domestic between these two, isn’t it? Walking the dogs, moving in together, getting a NEW fur baby, meeting Ben's kids. What gives?

Since these two are all about their pooches, it feels appropriate to begin with a canine analogy: Ben has always seemed like a big, dopey puppy-man to me. Is that weird? He seems like the type of dog that doesn’t know he’s slobbering everywhere and putting his muddy paws into his own water bowl, but you can’t hate him for it because...he just doesn’t know any better?

Yes, Ben has made some not so sensitive decisions in his marriage to Jennifer Garner. He has also been plagued by issues surrounding the maintenance of his sobriety. This man is complicated AF (moon in fall in Scorpio) and does not find it easy to talk about the feelings he would prefer to keep tightly under wraps (Scorpio Moon square Leo Mercury). He also has a hell of a time navigating his way through romantic relationships (we will touch on the astrology of this below). 

Nevertheless, the man is a beefcake (Venus conjunct Ascendant) and women love him for his palpable sensitivity (Moon trine Ascendant). Ben also can’t help but be attracted to the girl-next-door types (Venus in Cancer) that burst with joie de vivre (Jupiter conjunct Descendant and embodied by sunshine in a bottle ex-wife Jen Garner).

We are still getting to know Ana de Armas on the public stage, but her chart gives us a few clues as to what makes this lady tick. With Jupiter conjunct her Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Ana is stubbornly optimistic in the way she approaches her life goals and her mode of thinking. Ana has self-belief and enthusiasm in spades! This little lady, at times, can also be a hot head (Sun square Mars and Mercury square Mars) who struggles with the need to feel “in control” when she feels like her sense of personal power is being challenged  (Sun opposite Pluto and Mars square Pluto). Wild, right? We never said Ben liked 'em basic and boring...

So, how do these two link up?

Let’s start with the “classic” relationship aspects that lead to a good time for soon-to-be cohabitating people in love: Sun/Moon aspects can be pivotal in giving us a sense of “ease” with our partners. 

What I love is that Ben and Ana have a sense of interconnectedness between their feelings and essential selves that is MUTUAL: Her Sun in Taurus is opposite his Moon in Scorpio and His Sun in Leo is sextile her Moon in Libra. 

Let’s start with the opposition. How wonderful and unusual for a powerful, Hollywood type like Ben to be in a relationship where he is not the “alpha” . With Ben’s Moon opposite Ana’s Sun there is a dynamic between these two that smells a whole lot like Ben being a tad “domesticated" and happily so.

Ben is probably very receptive to following Ana’s lead simply because he (Moon) can understand on an emotional level what Ana (Sun) is after as she goes about trying to fulfill her life purpose. To put it simply: Ana is the Yang (Sun) to Ben’s (Yin) and it looks like they might be ok with the gender role reversal! Although they are quite different, Ben is probably fascinated by Ana’s steadiness, optimism, and just plain happy-to-be-here vibe (Sun/Mercury in Taurus conjunct Jupiter) and Ana may find herself drawn to and balanced out by Ben’s emotional depths (Moon in Scorpio). 

Although we don’t have a birth time for Ana, when I set her chart to a noon birth time, we see a Moon conjunct Moon aspect forming between these two in synastry. Before we pop the champagne and declare Ben and Ana "twin flames" need to know that this is an out of sign conjunction---his Moon is in very early Scorpio and her Moon is in the latter part of Libra.

When we have conjunctions that are out of sign, they have ½ as much “horse power” behind them as same-sign conjunctions. Also, Ben (with his Moon at 4 degrees Scorpio compared to Ana’s Moon at a lesser degree of Libra) is holding the highest degree, so he is the “wiser” of the two. It is no secret he has been battling his demons over the last decade (divorce, maintaining his sobriety, co-parenting with Jen), so he probably has a thing or two to teach Ana about how to navigate life’s travails.

We also see that they share Sun sextile Venus both ways: Ben’s Leo Sun sextile Ana’s Gemini and Ana’s Taurus Sun sextile Ben’s Cancer Venus. Hanging out with each other is probably an “uplifting” experience. There is a strong playful vibe between them and it is ever so sweet. 

When we look at the outer planets in their synastry, it gets VERY interesting.

Our first guest is Lord Karma aka Saturn, a planet who loves to come knocking in the guise of love, hoping that this time you will really buckle down and do the work to mature, dammit!

Ana’s Venus in Gemini conjuncts Ben’s Saturn in Gemini and Ben’s Cancer Venus is opposite Ana’s Capricorn Saturn. 

What do we know about Venus conjunct Saturn in synastry? Well, primarily that Ben (Saturn) finds himself being more willing than usual to put the “grunt” work into making this thing go the distance with Ana (Venus).

As Saturn, Ben may not be all about the flashy, spendy things in this relationship, but he’ll demonstrate his devotion to Ana (Venus) through “practical” acts that show responsibility and commitment.

From what we can see, there haven't been shiny gifts gifted (yet), like eye-popping jewelry or crazy luxury cars. Instead, Ben has gotten a dog to add to their fur family...Ben has invited her to move in...Ben has introduced her to his kids and presumably Jen Garner. That’s Saturn laying a blueprint for love...

The potential downside to this Venus conjunct Saturn aspect is that, depending on how ready Ana (Venus) is to work on her “grown up” approach to romance, Ben’s Saturn may feel like A LOT to bear at times. A relationship with Ben comes with an ex-wife and 3 beautiful kids. It also comes with his well-hidden demons and his life-long battle with alcoholism. This is a big commitment and so far Ana seems to be up for it rather than hindered by it!

Ana’s Capricorn Saturn is also opposing Ben’s Cancer Venus, which is, astrologically speaking, an iron clad bond. Ana and Ben aren’t going to give each other up so easily, everyone. The terrain might get rocky, but they have this vibe between them that makes their love grow in response to every trial they successfully endure!

As Saturn, Ana is in it to win it--she is all in with Ben, but here’s the rub: There is something inside of her (or in what she is bringing to the table lifestyle-wise) that places a heavy burden on Ben. Either Ana or the context of being with Ana is going to test Ben over and over and over again. He can find himself inexplicably drawn to re-committing himself to the relationship even if it is a hell of a load to carry because of the level of commitment this aspect inspires. 

How will these two fare with ye old Saturn making demands on them throughout the relationship? In his natal chart, Ben’s Venus in Cancer opposes Jupiter and squares both Uranus, Pluto, and Chiron. This tells us that romantically Ben shoots for the moon (Venus opposite Jupiter) and can be a tad unstable (Venus square Uranus). Saturn’s lessons will not go down easily with this boy in the relationship department, but I have a feeling he will try his best to stick it out for Ana (since his Saturn conjuncts her Venus too). 

Ana may fare a bit better than Ben since she was born with natal Venus opposite Saturn: This gal is familiar with needing to put in some hard work for a worthwhile pay off, especially in the realm of self-love (which we all know makes us better partners).

Ana may be stunningly gorgeous, but I bet if you asked her she would tell you she feels so-so about herself and her accomplishments (and her relationships). When you have Venus opposite Saturn, you often have to work exceptionally hard on your sense of self-worth and shake off a vague feeling that nothing you do will ever be enough. Having Ben’s Saturn sitting on her Venus with that conjunction “activates” these issues within Ana. I hope she packed her tool belt when she moved in!

My guess is it will not be all doom and gloom between these two! Uranus, the planet of unconventional mores, out of the box lifestyle choices, and unexpected happenings, makes some major moves in this relationship. 

Sure, Ana can be plagued by bouts of doubting herself and her relationships (Venus opposite Saturn), but she balances that out with a proud rebellious streak shown by her natal Venus opposite Uranus, which mirrors Ben’s natal Venus square Uranus. 

When Venus aspects Uranus in a birth chart, people really need to chart their own path in romance, so these two need lots of F R E E D O M to do their own thing even though they may be madly in love. Ben and Ana are impulsive and are apt to change their emotional colors frequently in relationships, which begs the question: How well will these two take to the yoke of Saturn bearing down on them?

According to sources, Ben and Ana have been hard-core dating since March 2020. Yes, COVID and quarantine has sped up relationship timelines for us all, but these two seem to be moving kinda fast, right? Well, that’s what a little Uranus action will do to ya! Relationships progress at warp-speed with a minimum of "vetting" when Uranus is involved in synastry.

Ben’s Uranus conjuncts Ana’s Moon. With Ben’s Uranus sitting on Ana’s Moon, he turns on ALL THE LIGHTS in her emotional life and FAST. Did Ana (Moon) find herself spilling her guts to Ben (Uranus) about all her childhood traumas and hidden feelings that she has kept super under wraps forever? Yup. Did Ben (Uranus) make her feel like she didn’t need to hide a thing because he would accept her feelings with open arms no matter how crazy or off the wall they were? You betcha. With Ben’s Uranus conjunct Ana’s planet of private feels (the Moon), these two probably got emotionally intimate very quickly, much to Ana’s surprise!  With Saturn working on their respective Venus’ and Ana having a natal Moon sextile Uranus (she has a taste for emotional novelty), this aspect may not be as unstable as you might expect. “Cookbook” synastry would say that this aspect gives Ben (Uranus) a proclivity for withdrawing as soon as Ana (Moon) feels like everything is calm and cozy between them. 

Luckily for Ben and Ana, they are BOTH being asked to ride the electrical wave of unpredictable and exciting Uranus. For Ana, she is being asked to follow Ben’s occasional “anything goes” lead in a way that directly impacts her most sensitive emotions (her Moon in Libra conjunct Ben’s Uranus).  With Ana’s Capricorn Uranus opposite Ben’s Cancer Venus, Ben is being challenged to find  a way to get comfortable with Ana’s unique approach to romance. 

Remember when we guessed that Ana let her emotional guard down rather quickly with Ben because his Uranus was conjunction her Moon? Well, Ben may have done the same thing with Ana in the realm of romance. Whatever “rule book” Ben played by regarding who he was going to date, etc. was possibly thrown out when he met Ana. With Ana’s Uranus squaring Ben’s Venus, the planet of relationships and love, things could have “felt” so right with Ana (Uranus) that Ben (Venus) felt inclined to just go for it. Exciting? Yes! Well thought out? It depends..

Again, these two have some serious Saturn placements and Ben has a family to think of, so I would like to think they didn’t just dive head first into this..

Can you tell that the work and the challenges in this relationship feel very EVENLY divided? That probably feels good to Ana’s Moon in Libra. Libra Moons really need equality in their romances, meaning the emotional labor and commitment levels between partners needs to be equally distributed for them to feel “at peace”. 

So far, both Ana and Ben have a similar “to-do” list in this romance: 1. enhance each other’s capacity for romantic commitment (Venus/Saturn aspects both ways). and 2. release their need for “control” by honoring their partner’s novel approach to life and how it affects them emotionally (Ana) and romantically (Ben)

If we dig a bit deeper, we see that these two also mirror each other’s pain when it comes to struggling with self-love and loss in relationships: Ben and Ana both have Venus/Chiron aspects in their natal chart. Ben has Venus square Chiron and Ana has Venus conjunct Chiron.

These two struggle with feeling totally gutted by their lack of self-love and self-acceptance, which tends to rear its ugly head in their romantic relationships over and over and over again. Have they both learned the lesson of this aspect by diving into the pain rather than avoiding it? I don’t know, but I feel like this is a critical factor in why they have been brought together.

Will this be another relationship that reinforces their insecurities around self-worth and hesitancy to trust their hearts to someone they love? Or, will they finally be courageous enough to use this relationship and its challenges to practice radical self-love? Time will tell!

Before we wrap up, let’s take a quick peek at their composite..

They have some beautiful aspects, including composite Sun trine Moon (harmonious blending of relationship drives and relationship needs), Sun conjunct Mercury (tons of communication, similarities in “thinking” styles and a willingness to allow each other to do their own thing), and Sun conjunct Venus (flat-out adoration, no matter what they run up against in their day-to-day interactions). Jupiter (the planet of good luck and optimism) is trining Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in the composite chart. These two probably can’t help but feel optimistic when they come together and have a lot of faith and hope in their relationship working out for the best. They also have composite Mars conjunct Uranus which means they need to keep their hands off the steering wheel! Their relationship needs to follow its own unique path and will NOT fit neatly into a certain picture portrait of what a relationship “should be”. As long as Ana and Ben don’t try to control where the relationship goes, all will be well.

OOOF, Saturn plays a strong role in their composite chart. The planet of slow, but meaningful growth is squaring off with their composite Sun, Mercury, and Venus. You can bet there will be trials and tribulations associated with this relationship. If they find happiness together, it will be hard won because Ana and Ben will both feel like they’ve surmounted more than their fair share of obstacles on the way to relationship zen.

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